Empowering your mental health

Helping you raise emotionally strong teens.

I'm here to share all my learnings as a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, executive coach, and mom of 3 children, with you. 

How does a psychiatrist think about mental health?  What "in-the-know" information do I share with my family and friends?  How do I use my clinical learnings in my own parenting journey?

This is my opportunity to teach all the things I wish I could share with the world, right here, with you.

I'm Dr. Linda, and my mission is to share all I can with you to help support your parenting journey.

A Psychiatrists 3 Favorite Tips to Manage ADHD

Get better control of your productivity and time by implementing these 3 things into your routine!

“Knowledge is power. So learn as much as you can about mental health so you can take steps to maximize it. "


So many people struggle with managing stress, depression, and lack of concentration, but aren't quite ready to seek out individual treatment or therapy just yet.

Or, your teen child was just diagnosed with depression, ADHD, or anxiety, and you don’t fully understand what that means, or how best to support your child.  

So why isn't there an option to learn as much as you can, and utilize all the self-help tools that are proven to be helpful? 

That's where Luvluk comes in.  We strive to offer you the best psychoeducation and helpful tools that you can use, right now.

A resource that helps you learn about all things mental health, by a practicing psychiatrist.


What do we talk about here?

  • Parenting teens with mental health in mind
  • ADHD/Time management/Executive functioning
  • PMS/Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
  • Self Esteem/Confidence
  • Positive Psychology
  • Parent tips for depression/anxiety/bipolar disorder
  • Nutritional Psychiatry and food/supplements for mental health

 And much more...

Understand your teen's changing brain.

Learn about your teen's changing brain and how those drastic brain and hormone changes affect the way they think, feel, and behave.  Practice tips on effective communication and skill building to help your child manage their stress while maximizing their emotional health.

Gain awareness on the difference between good old teenage moodiness and clinical depression and anxiety that might be affecting them, and when to get help.

We discuss topics ranging from executive management skills to sports psychology for student athletes.

I'm a mom of 3 teens, so I'm especially passionate about this!

Imagine if you could learn how a psychiatrist or a therapist thinks about mental health and parenting. 

What learnings do they think are important?  What “a-ha” moments helped them as they take care of their own children?  Luvluk does exactly that!  We are here to share all of our learnings as mental health clinicians and parents, with you!

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Hey there!

I'm Dr. Linda Kim.

I’m a practicing psychiatrist, with nearly 20 years of training and clinical experience, specializing in women’s mental health and coaching.  I’m also a mom of three daughters, one of three sisters, and passionate about supporting women and their families.

I’m sharing all of my tips and learnings as a practicing psychiatrist, executive coach, and mom, with you! 

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We empower with education.

The foundation for emotional resilience, self-esteem, and wellness begins at home.  Luvluk provides you with data to understand the brain, tools to improve communication with your key relationships, and techniques to build emotional health and confidence.

I've spent almost 20 years gathering tips and learnings from my clinical practice as a psychiatrist and therapist to bring them here, to you.